AWB RCM Ellipse® Interface

AWB Reliability Centered Maintenance now interfaces with Ellipse

The New Availability Workbench RCM Ellipse Interface

Availability Workbench now allows you to download and analyze Mincom Ellipse work orders providing real failure data for use in your RCM optimization.

Downloading Master Data to AWB

The Download Master Data to AWB tab of the Ellipse Portal enables users to view functional location and equipment data originating from your Ellipse system and download all or part of that data to the RCM module in AWB. You may also download labor, spare equipment resources.

Analyzing Ellipse Failure Data

The Analytics tab of the Ellipse Portal enables users to analyze work orders in the connected Ellipse system and download historical failure data into AWB Weibull sets.

The Reliability Centered Maintenance Ellipse interface ca

Download Ellipse Data to the RCM module

Analyze failure data directly from Ellipse

*Ellipse is a registered trademark of Mincom.

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