Import / Export

Existing data can be used with Availability Workbench


Isograph understands that Availability Workbench will not be a standalone package within your company. Using the extensive import and export facilities in Availability Workbench you can transfer data to and from a multitude of other software packages and databases.

Data can be imported from and exported to various formats including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, XML and delimited text formats. It is also possible to link directly to SQL and Oracle databases.

In addition to these data links Availability Workbench includes a direct interface with SAP. For more details on this please see the AWB SAP interface page.

The Report Designer

The Report Designer enables you to view and design text column, text row, graph and diagram reports. Each module in Availability Workbench is supplied with a set of pre-defined reports. Alternatively the user may modify these reports, create their own reports based on copies of the pre-defined reports, or create entirely new reports.

The reports obtain their source data from a SQL compatible database, which is intelligently updated with the application data when a report is opened. SQL queries ranging from simple single table queries to complex union and multi-join queries can be used to interrogate the database.

In addition to displaying the actual report data, the user may display information ranging from the date, time and page numbers to complex SQL queries using report macros.

Availability Workbench can connect with

Microsoft Excel and Access

SQL databases

Delimited text formats (tab, CSV and user defined)

Oracle databases

XML format

With the Availability Workbench Report Designer you can

Create text reports

Create graph reports

Create diagram reports

Create reports containing custom SQL queries

Publish reports to PDF format

Publish reports to Word docx format

Publish reports to Word RTF format

Export report data

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