Weibull Analysis

AWB can analyze historical failure data for use in lifetime simulations

Analyzing Historical Data

Weibull Analysis is a method used to analyze historical failures and produce probabilistic failure distributions based on the data provided.

The distributions obtained by performing Weibull Analysis can be used in the AvSim and RCMCost Modules.

Exponential, normal, lognormal and Weibayes distributions are included in Availability Workbench alongside 1, 2 and 3 parameter Weibull, Bi-Weibull, Tri-Weibull and Phased Weibull distributions.

Using the Weibull Analysis Module

The Weibull Analysis Module is extremely easy to use; data may be entered manually by the user, imported from elsewhere or copied and pasted from the Windows clipboard.

You can then select a distribution and Availability Workbench will automatically fit this to the data provided. The result can be displayed graphically as a cumulative probability plot, unconditional probability density plot or conditional probability density plot.

The Weibull Analysis Module can

Automatically analyze historical data

Produce probabilistic distributions for use in AWB

Availability Workbench and availability simulation and reliability centered maintenance